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I found myself parched and in dire need of something unfamiliar and new…something not easily accessible, yet deliciously delightful. My friend operated a fine drinking establishment, and like any good dealer of fine spirits, he gave me a glass of Pappy 20 year. Nothing has ever compared. And so began my never ending quest to quench my insatiable thirst.

I shall drink Pappy from diamond chalices, eating the brains of extinct animals, exquisitely promenading about town wearing long capes, made from dead varmints, throwing money at the peasants who look like they may or may not need the charity. Money is not an object.  Inaction is for the weak, and the weak die young and alone with their cheap whiskeys and black, cavernous, unfulfilled souls.

Either you are with me or you are against me. But choose your battles wisely, as I’ve been waltzing to a different tune since conception. There is nothing you could say, or do for that matter, that will somehow get me to thinking the way you do, teetotaling, watered down bourbon sippers with your pinkies reaching for the sky. I shall succeed, failure is not an option.

Join the cause, did you unearth some pappy? Send a photo with the location, date, time and price to or post on Instagram #pappyhunter

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